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A Network of Women

The Debutante Program truly provides an affiliation for a lifetime. Our ‘Post Debs’ are a unique and varied group of stellar women who have benefited from the experience of this program and entered adulthood with class and confidence. This remarkable listing of our “Women of Note” is a just a sampling of our Post-Debutantes who have completed their educational endeavors and are breaking glass ceilings, making their marks on professions, industries, and communities throughout the US and the world. The level of success most achieve after completing their education places them in a class of their own which we fondly refer to as ‘Women of Note.’ Our ‘Post Debs’ and ‘Women of Note’ serve as resources for collegiate life, mentoring, networking and provide a lifetime of personal and professional affiliations.


The Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee Counties provides a common thread for unique and precious connections for women of all ages throughout various stages of life. All those who participate in the Debutante Program of Sarasota and Manatee Counties benefit from their connection to these individuals who are high achievers and invaluable resources. Regardless of a Debutante’s chosen path in life, she will forever have access to Post-Debutante’s who can serve as mentors, friends and role models. This relationship, with the benefits it affords, is like no other. 


An invitation to all Post-Debutantes:

 Those who have embarked on their Post-Debutante path are invited to become part of our "Women of Note." 

Please update your contact information.

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