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Congratulations on the honor of being invited
to escort a Debutante this year!


Please read the following carefully before making your decision.  It provides important information about the Debutante Program and what you can expect if you choose to participate.

About the Debutante Program

The Debutante Program recognizes young women in Sarasota and Manatee Counties who excel academically and are active in community, volunteer or school activities. Debutantes are nominated based on character, accomplishments and leadership traits.  They are selected in their junior year of high school with the program culminating in a Ball in December of their senior year. 


Proceeds from the Debutante program benefit the youth programs of the Sarasota Orchestra. These funds provide scholarships, lessons and instrument rentals for children in need who seek the enrichment of great music.  A motto of the program is “Youth Serving Youth.”


What happens during the Debutante Year?


Debutantes and their escorts enjoy a year where connections are created and new friendships are made.


Social events hosted by the Debutante families are attended by the Debutantes and their escorts, as well as the parents of the Debutantes and the Debutante Committee.  These events are fun, bonding experiences where the escorts will meet exceptional young people from schools throughout Sarasota and Manatee.  Everyone is made to feel comfortable, welcome and part of a very special group of outstanding people.


Each Debutante is asked to invite two escorts. The Debutantes invite young men she will be proud to escort her. Both escorts are invited to accompany their Debutante to each of the events. It is understood that there may be schedule conflicts for escorts and they may not be able to attend every event, but escorts are encouraged to attend as many as possible. We recommend that Debutantes not select a boyfriend as an escort.


In December, the Debutante program holds a formal Ball where the Debutantes are presented. The Debutantes are accompanied by their father and both escorts during the presentation. The 2021 Ball will be on Saturday, May 28th 2022. Escorts are required to attend the Ball and the rehearsal on the Thursday before the Ball (May 26th 2022.) After the formal presentation at the Ball, participants enjoy a dinner and dancing to a live band.  Most Debutantes and escorts consider the Ball the highlight of the program. 


While the program shines its brightest lights on the Debutantes, the escorts play a critical role in the season, learn invaluable social skills, make lasting friendships and have a fun time.   

Concerns?  Questions?  Last-minute crisis?

Escorts and their parents may contact: 


Melissa Epstein, Debutante Committee Escort Advisor
Cell:   (941)960-5319


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