A Message from Our President

When our daughter, Britney, was invited to participate in the Debutante Program, we were so proud of her. The
invitation stated that this honor was being extended based on her outstanding accomplishments.

On the other hand, all we knew about traditional Debutante Societies were the typical stereotypes and that was
not something we were particularly interested in. We decided that the courteous thing to do was to attend the
Invitational event with an open mind and if we found that our perceptions were correct, we would graciously

What a wonderful surprise! This is not the Debutante Society of past generations. The purpose of this program is
to celebrate outstanding young women in our community; to recognize them for their individual achievements
and accomplishments. It is truly an honor to be selected.

To our further delight, we knew some of the invitees (all high achievers). By the time we left that event, we were
excited and eager to participate in this worthwhile program and enjoy a year with these wonderful people. Little
did we know then that the year ahead would provide such cherished moments and fond memories of a year
with our daughter ~ her last year before she left for college. That year proved to be priceless.

Because the Debutantes and Escorts come from both Sarasota and Manatee counties, from a multitude of area
schools, with involvement a vast array of extracurricular clubs, teams and activities, participants meet people
whom they would normally not have had the honor and privilege of getting to know.

We found that the friendships the Debutantes and Escorts cultivate during that year are far more than childhood
friendships! These relationships develop into something stronger, deeper and longer lasting than most. They
find more than friends … they find peers, role models and mentors.

That same benefit was enjoyed by the parents, as well. This is truly an organization that encourages networking
for the present and the future. Most adults also developed new and lasting friendships. My husband, Mark, and I
enjoyed a wonderful year with other program participants. Many have become lifelong friends.

My involvement has extended many more years than I had anticipated because I love what it does for all
involved and for our community. While honoring these outstanding young women (and men), we are benefiting
the youth of the Sarasota Orchestra, as the money we raise at the Debutante Ball goes toward music education,
instruments, lessons, etc. Area youth have a chance to develop and express their musical talent; many would
not have this opportunity without our funding.

This is ‘Youth Serving Youth’ in a very powerful and meaningful way.


In closing, know that these are not the Debutantes of the past generations … these are our future leaders!

Please take a moment to read the bios of our current Debutantes and to see the accomplishments and caliber of
our Post Debutantes / Women of Note! These are our future leaders. They deserve to be recognized, celebrated
and supported. The Debutante Program does just that.


Robin Serbin​


Debutante Committee President