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Personal Development

One goal of the Debutante Program is to facilitate the personal growth of the outstanding young women chosen to participate in the Program.  Knowing how to feel at ease in any social situation, with people of all ages, is a priceless asset, and the experiences, counsel, values and standards that are part of a young woman’s participation in the Debutante Program fosters an awareness and proficiency that will be of value for a lifetime. 

Collegiate & Professional Life

Those who have participated in The Debutante Program know that this experience is an invaluable asset to collegiate and professional life. Knowing how to engage others in meaningful conversation, understanding the strength of a handwritten note, or simply what to wear to a college interview are assets, but becoming part of the network of those young women who have embraced the legacy of tradition, honor and personal growth afforded by the Program is a priceless benefit in helping them establish a foundation for their personal legacies of tomorrow. 

Priceless Memories

Knowing that time spent with family is a rapidly-vanishing commodity during the senior year of high school, the design of the Debutante Program ensures that this all-too-fleeting gift slows down and is cherished. Additionally, The Debutante Program affords true quality time spent with friends, an imperative element of the last year of high school.

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