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Escort Cram Sheet

1.    RSVP to all invitations – preferably the day it is received, but no later than the reply date; be sure to consult your Debutante. If you do not reply by the RSVP date, you will be removed from the guest list and will be unable to attend.

2.    Escort your Debutante to the events and during the events.

3.    Dress Reasonably & Appropriately;  shock no adult.

4.    Eat Politely.  Use manners.  Dance appropriately.

5.    Do NOT talk or text on cell phones during the event.

6.    Arrive on time, stay for the Entire Event.  Stay within the designated area during the entire event.

7.    Introduce yourself to host family/families upon arrival.  Do NOT leave the event earlier than 20 minutes before the ending time on the invitation.  Say “Thank-you” and “Good-Bye” to the host family/families.   

8.    Conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner at all times, giving due respect to the Debutante, her parents, the Debutante Committee and other Debutantes.

9.    Check the calendar of events regularly.  Refer to the protocol book before each and every function.

10.    Zero Tolerance for alcohol or drug use (before, during or after ANY Debutante Event)!

11.    Schedule time for the BALL Rehearsal  and reserve the entire evening of the DEBUTANTE BALL .

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